Elevate Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

Offering Health and Wellness Coaching for Women

Elevate Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

Offering Health and Wellness Coaching for Women

Better Health and Wellness for Modern Women

Rx Coaching Solutions is a health and wellness hub aiming to help mature women who have experienced life challenges redefine themselves and navigate through transitions in life.


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Our hub offers an array of programs and materials to help women achieve holistic wellness. This includes:

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Our Health and Wellness Coach

To people on the outside looking in, it seemed like I had it all – a college education, a very successful career as a biopharmaceutical sales leader, trainer, and workshop presenter with a persona that exuded confidence and commanded respect. The truth is my journey to finding inner balance was a grueling process. But I hid it well. While my material success appeared effortlessly, I can assure you it was anything but. I paid a hefty price for being the woman that "made it look easy."

I was trapped in a cycle of addiction. Food, shopping, and toxic relationships were my drugs of choice.

My wake-up call was having numerous lumpectomies and surgeries to remove fibroid tumors. My last surgery resulted in removing 72 fibroid tumors from my uterus. I was thirty-four years old and facing the likelihood of infertility. I had to change my life. And I knew no surgery or magic pill would do it for me.

I set out to learn what lifestyle changes I could make to heal myself. Along the way, I became a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. I also found a mentor who taught me that the power of positive thinking isn't just another phrase we hear every day; it's a lifestyle.

While earning my certification at Integrated Nutrition, a cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world's top health and wellness experts, including Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Katz.

Slowly but surely, I removed harmful foods from my diet, started juicing eventually became a vegan. I broke my cycle of emotional eating, and my weight stabilized. I applied the same balance theory to my relationships and spending habits, ending these cycles of addiction as well.

I'm no longer plagued with fibroid tumors or the fear of infertility. In fact, I now have a son.

These lifestyle changes so powerfully impacted my well being I feel compelled to share my knowledge with others. I founded Rx Coaching Solutions, which focuses on educating women about holistic nutrition, preventative health, and mindset.

I am a living testament that food is medicine. That health does not come in a pill. That happiness does not come from the approval of others. I no longer hide behind a mask of external success. My inner peace now shines from the inside out.


We believe in empowering modern women through health and wellness coaching. Hear our clients’ stories about our services.

I had the privledge to hear Callie speak at a business conference and her topics on affirmations, and writing a personal manifesto were extremely helpful to me. I have always believed in affirmations but writing a personal manifesto was a new idea that hadn't occurred to me before I hear Callie speak. She was clear, warm, engaging, and powerful! Her message resonated with everyone in the room, and I was extremely pleased with the valuable tools she shared that will help my business grow beyond my wildest dreams!!

Barbara Duran

It was a privilege to have the opportunity to hear Callie speak at the 2018 Grow Your Business Conference. From the time Callie took center stage she captivated our attention and also got the audience involved in the conversation. Callie was transparent and spoke from her experience delivering a clear, memorable and empowering message. I left the conference with take-a-ways on how to identify personal barriers to success and turn them into a catalyst to success. Everyone seemed to enjoy her discussion and I am sure her message will continue to inspire all who heard it.

Vivian White

I started the detox immediately post knee surgery. and I felt more energized and feel that it helps to facilitate the healing process.

Dr. S Parsons

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